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Ozette Area Burials
(Clallam County)
Lake Ozette & Royal Area
In the late 1890s, more than a hundred Scandinavian farming pioneers settled in the Ozette Area. Many of the farmers left, when the area became part of the Olympic Forest Reserve, established 1897, where farming was not allowed. In 1903, Norwegian ship Prince Arthur was ship wrecked. Crew members were buried at the base of memorial near Ozette Lake. A road to Ozette Lake wasn’t finished until 1932, so one document in Clallam County Genealogy Society (CCGS) possession states that burials were on homesteads, not in a centralized cemetery. However, there is a photo of a cemetery on a lake, but it’s location is not given. CCGS has a list of deaths from vital statistic county records. There is also documentation of oral history and a hand drawn map by Mrs. Palmquist, whose husband was postmaster of the area.
The Nylunds migrated to Seattle in the late 1880's and settled on a forty acre homestead