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Genealogy Field Trip
Sunday, September 25 through Sunday, October 2
Genealogy Field Trip  (Traveler's Group)
Allen County Library
A group of four is heading to SeaTac on September 24 for an early morning flight to Chicago and on to Fort Wayne on the 25th.

Claire Smith presentation
Saturday, October 8
Claire Smith presentation  (Monthly Meetings)
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Research Center and Zoom 403 E. 8th, Port Angeles
 "Are You Really My Ancestor?  Getting Unstuck,
Working Through Research Problems".
"When you find a name match for an ancestor, it's tempting to believe you're related.  A name isn't enough to prove the relationship, especially if you have a common surname - like mine!  In this session you'll learn what it takes to prove a lineage, and how to handle conflicting information or multiple potential matches.  I will share examples that illustrate how to deal with these issues."
Claire Smith has more than 20 years of experience in genealogy research. I love solving challenging problems by using the best practices and methodologies. I combine traditional research with technology to manage research and find new ways to analyze problems. I’m an optimizer, always looking for a better way. 
Past president, mentor, and webmaster (2006-2015) for the Bainbridge Island Genealogical Society.
Former tech executive, building better organizations to provide outstanding customer support.

Diane Henriks presentation
Saturday, November 12
Diane Henriks presentation  (Monthly Meetings)
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Research Center and Zoom 403 E. 8th, Port Angeles
 "Finding Descendants in Your Family Tree”
This presentation shows you the process of fanning out to find descendants and living people in your family tree.  Being able to find descendants in family trees benefits in being able to break down brick walls in your research, find relatives you never knew about, locate living relatives for DNA testing, find or return family heirlooms, find out more about your medical genealogy, find living relatives to an unclaimed estate, and so much more!
Diane Henriks is a Los Angeles County based professional genealogist, speaker, author and investigator, who is passionate about family history and genealogy. She uses advanced deductive reasoning and logical constructs to thoroughly investigate a case, with a specialty in finding descendants in family trees and brick wall research, and is known as the "Descendant Detective". Diane has worked closely with private investigators to find living people, while also assisting in background investigations, in both civil and criminal cases.
She has been researching family history and genealogy passionately for the past 12 years, researching many of her own family lines, as well as that of her clients. She is a proud member of  the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Southern California Genealogical Society, and the Genealogical Speakers Guild.
Years ago, Diane had been asked by genealogists at the Southern California Genealogical Society to publish her works, and has since published the following books: ​Descendants of Johann Adam Steinmann, Descendants of George W. Taylor, Descendants of Ira S. Hulet, Descendants of John Beveridge, Descendants of Albert Murphy, Descendants of Samuel Baer, Descendants of Daniel E. Eddy, Descendants of Cipriano Graciano and Jose Maria Gutierres, Descendants of Ezekiel Bee, and she helped compile and publish the book, Just Plain Folk- Descendants of William C. Clark, by Elizabeth Rose Cameron. 

Fellowship Meeting
Saturday, December 10
Fellowship Meeting  (Special event)
9:30 am to 1:00 pm
Dungeness Valley Lutheran Church
Save the date!  
This meeting will give members a great rundown on happenings of the past two years and a good look at plans for 2023.  We will talk about our research center in Port Angeles, our financial status for the coming year, plans for speakers and other events, and an open Q&A session to cover whatever people want to know about.  As a planned "social" event we will have snacks and coffee, possibly door prizes and a time to give members about 5 minutes each to tell about their recent challenges in the genealogical treasure hunt.  All in all, it should be a good time to rekindle social connections among members and build closer relationships for the future.