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The Place Cemetery (Lower Elwah Tribal Cemetery)
(Clallam County)
Place Road off Highway 112, west of the Elwah River
Port Angeles, Washington USA
Founded in 1890, this cemetery has approximately 200 burials, with dates from 1913 to 2009.  Over 60 burials of the Charles family, who are prominent Lower Elwha Tribal members. A 1974 application for the Washington State Historic Preservation Inventory Project states that the land is private, non-Indian owned, but a “member of the Lower Elwha Indian Tribe said the cemetery is part of the tribal existence.”
The most intriguing burial is that of Hunter John, a Native American, who was a hunter. His gravestone has his birth as 1782 and death as 1912. If correct, that means he was 130 years old, when he died.
Clallam County Genealogy Society has several lists, including a 2009 survey list, with varying amounts of information.