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Clallam Bay Cemetery (Old Clallam Bay Cemetery)
(Clallam County West)
Forest land off Hwy 112 near Clallam Bay
A September 25, 1969 article from the Forks Forum says that this graveyard was “started in the late 1800s to early 1900s.  It is located near the site of the old wagon trail road, on which supplies were freighted to the Forks area.”  It is on five acres donated by C. J. Snider. There were 31 burials, many from epidemics, some logging camps, and some from ships.
A letter from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources in 1991 says that the owner of the land, Hanson Natural Resources, applied and received permission to log the location.  Since it was a known  cemetery, “The landowner marked the apparent boundary,“  and no machinery was allowed within the boundary.  The work was monitored by a state forester.
Clallam County Genealogy Society has a list of burials.  In addition to dates, it includes marital status, spouse and parents names, and birthplaces.  There is also a 1989 Cavenham Forest Industries map of the cemetery‘s location.