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Folding and rolling a document repeatedly to place in an envelope or tube weakens the fibers of the paper. Attempting to flatten the paper by bending in the reverse direction or by applying heat, will cause the weakened fibers to break or tear resulting in permanent damage. Fortunately, there are methods for flattening these documents without damaging the paper and the writing on the surface.
Welcome to NEDCC’s Preservation Leaflets series! Click the Leaflet topic categories to begin your exploration of this popular and authoritative resource, or use the search box to find expert information on a wide variety of preservation topics.
As with many things, exposure to time and frequent handling can take a toll on books. That’s where Jim “The Book Man” Andrews of Green Bay, Wis. comes to the rescue. Lovingly examining, and then repairing everything from classic novels to family Bibles, the Book Man is doing his part to help preserve literary treasures. The most common repair he does is rebinding old Bibles. This includes large family bibles with dried and torn leather covers, and 20-50-year-old Bibles that have lots of notes, underlining and highlighting. These are cherished items the owners don’t want to replace, but want back in one piece. His prices range from $50 to $150 for rebinding. Just putting a book together again is at the lower end, and putting a whole new cover on is at the upper end. He uses Naugahyde, cloth, Buckram and leather. Each book is priced individually, as each requires a different amount of care.