Clallam County Genealogical Society

Early Days to Present

In 1979, genealogist and teacher, Kathleen Barrett led a   
small group of people who were   interested in sharing
their  family histories. With the support of the local historical society, they found a home in the attic of the old Clallam County Courthouse which was built in 1914.  In 1980, having
outgrown the attic space, the group moved to larger  quarters in the Courthouse basement.  
Twenty-two people joined the society by its first official meeting in May of  1981.  By the end of the year, the membership grew to forty-six. They became our
Charter Members.   A board of  directors was elected and we obtained a business license. In 1984, we became a Non-Profit.
     30th Anniversary

When the County needed more space in the Courthouse, the Genealogical Society was asked to move. CCGS relocated to the old Lincoln School Campus, renting one third of the portable building from the Clallam County Historical Society. The old school was built in 1916, and the portable building was erected in 1929. The Clallam County Historical Society purchased the campus in 1991 and moved its research materials into the portable building in 1998.
The original plan was that when the Lincoln School was renovated, the Genealogy Society would be able to occupy the second floor of the school house. However, the renovation has never come to fruition.
By 2011, we had outgrown the space available at the old Lincoln School campus. Thanks to a large    bequest that had been invested, generous donations by the membership, and a member who was   willing  to  privately carry a mortgage for us, CCGS purchased the   building at 402 E. Lauridsen Blvd in Port Angeles from the North Olympic Library System in 2012. Cosmetic alterations provided space  for a  library, a computer room, an office and a small classroom.   Meetings were held off site, and parking was  limited.
After seven years, the Lauridsen location was too small. In 2020, an angel donor offered to purchase    larger quarters for CCGS, so we found a new location at 403 E. 8th Street in Port Angeles. Using funds  from the sale of our old building, we installed new floors, painted the interior, and made other changes to  our new home. Our spacious library is the heart of the building. We can now have meetings in our own  facility. There is a Board room, classroom, reception area, and business office space for both our  treasurer  and our librarian. Our public computer area is large enough for social distancing. We also have  a kitchenette and snack area. Most important, is plenty of storage and a large parking lot. An added  bonus is the office facing Peabody Street, which we rent out. This provides us with a monthly income to  cover the cost of insurance, taxes, and utilities.